∙ Designed to clean off any dust particle or debris without damaging the ESD sensitive components

∙ Type of brushes

- Paintbrush type

- Toothbrush brush type

∙ Bristle: hard or soft

∙ Handle: metal or plywood

∙ User should be grounded during use

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Velcro Band

∙ Application: To bundle tubes, boxes, tray etc

∙ Material: Nylon coated with conductive carbon c/w velcro and metal buckle

∙ Available in antistatic and conductive

∙ Various color & length upon request

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Sticky Roller

∙ Application: Traps dust & dirty

∙ Material: LDPE & adhesive

∙ Color:  Semi transparent & blue

∙ Size:

- 160mm, short handle

- 160mm, long handle

- 80mm, short handle

∙ Roller handle: Handheld “I:” type or “T” type

∙ Handle available in stainless steel or plastic

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∙ Material: Carbon  fibres synthetic plastic∙ Feature: Good rigidity, durability, bearable to acid & alkali, bearable to high temperature up to 200 c & do not produce dust.

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Antistatic spray/solution

∙ For coating insulative surfaces that help to reduce static discharge generation

∙ Create a conductive patch after applied

∙ Easy to use: Spray or wipe on

∙ Surface resistivity: 10e8 - 10e10 ohm/sq

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Antistatic Cleaner

∙ Suitable to clean or remove contamination (grease, finger marks, dirt etc) from all types of static control surfaces for example, table top, antistatic mat

∙ Easy to use: Spray or whip on∙ Safe on any surface

∙ Does not leave a build-up that can form an insulate layer

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