Grounding Cord

∙  Wrist strap is the first line of defense in the battle against ESD.

∙ The purpose is to provide a rapid and continuous drain of static charges.

∙ For people who work mainly sitting down, grounding is best achieved by wearing  wrist strap with  coil cord which is connected to a grounding point.

∙ A wrist band and a coil cord make up a wrist strap and can be supplied separately.

∙ Model:

- Velcro band w/strap, black

- Elastic w/strap, light blue

- Cordless w/strap, blue- Metal band w/strap, black 

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Wrist Strap

∙ Standard coiled grounding cord length: 9ft, 10ft & 12 ft

∙ Standard 1 meg ohm built-in resistor

∙ Color: blue, black

∙ Come with an alligator clip, which fits over the banana jack on the ground cord to provide an alternate connection to ground

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Heel Strap/Toe Strap

∙ Heel strap provides a reliable path for static charge to drain to ground when they are in contact with conductive/dissipative 

∙ It is suitable for mobile personnel when w/strap are not practical.

∙ Available with 1 meg OHM resistor.

∙ Surface resistivity: Less than 10e6 ohm/sq

∙ Reusable

∙ 1 size fit many shoes size

∙ Easy to wear with adjustable velcro strap

∙ To be effective, the straps must be worn on both feet.

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