ESD Safety Shoes (with toe cap)

ESD Safety Shoes (with toe cap)

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Features & Benefits:

∙ Safety Toe Cap - Ability to meet the Safety Standard of Sirim (Malaysia) equivalent to EN 344:1998
∙ Comfort - Inner sole is quality PU foam pad, adequate ventilation and extra light weight.
∙ Body to Ground Resistance - 1 x 10e5 - 3.5 x 10e7 Ohm meets. ESDA S20.20 & IEC 61340-5-1standard.
∙ Cleanliness - Registered pattern design of non-dirt-trapping shoe base minimise dirt contaminants in the cleanroom.
∙ Fitting - Optimum size range to fit both male and female.
∙ Maintenance - Free from objections door after washing. Registered pattern design makes cleaning a fast and easy job
∙ Slip Resistance - Rubber based shoe sole exhibits superior slip resistance compared to PVC (&PU) to minimize accidental falls in wet floor.
∙ Permanent ESD properties - Utilizing mineral base (non-migratory) ESD technology instead of non-stable migratory ESD technology.
∙ Application - Static Control Safety Shoes for Indoors working area.