ESD Rubber Mat

ESD Rubber Mat

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ESD Rubber Mat
A product features a 2 layer construction that strongly cohered together. It can be used on floor or table

∙ Top layer: Static Dissipative (Green/Grey) - provide static free surface
∙ Bottom layer: Conductive (Black) - allows static charge to be drained away effectively
∙ Type of surface: Dull / Shining
∙ Surface resistivity:
- Top layer: 10e7 - 10e9 ohm/sq
- Bottom layer: 10e4 - 10e5 ohm/sq
∙ Surface resistance:
- Top layer: less than 10e9 ohm/sq
- Bottom layer: less than 10e4 ohm/sq
∙ Size:
- 1,000mm x 10m x 2mm
- 600mm x 10m x 2mm

Grounding Cords
Design for connection table mats to floor mats as well as for grounding floor mats, equipment and personnel etc directly to building ground.

∙Grounding cord with 4 sharp point c/w 10ft straight cord