Easy-Tear Pouch

Easy-Tear Pouch

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Easy-Tear Pouches are designed to fulfill the most stringent requirements in the sterilization process of medical components and have outstanding performance in terms of ultra cleanliness, materials and seal strength. TAKO Easy-Tear Pouches are compatible with a variety of sterilization methods, IPA resistant and produced in Cleanroom Class 100 with own in-house extruded medical-grade HDPE.

Easy-Tear Pouches enable easy opening without the need for knives or scissors. This innovative feature virtually eliminates the risk of particle generation due to the "clean tear" and the absence of turbulence during the bag opening process. Such feature also eliminate accidental damage to gloves that could occur when using cutting devices, making it safer and more efficient to use in medical environments.

Product Specifications:
a) Absence of silicone oil & Amide
b) LOW Outgassing
d) LOW Particle Count

Key Feature:
a) IPA Resistant
b) Cleanroom Class 100
c) Easy to tear
d) Opaque White
e) Vacuum sealable
f) Gamma Sterilizable

Product Materials:
* Custom size
* Bag/Tubing/Sheet Form
* With/Without Printing