Surface Resistivity Meter 110

⦁ The SRM-110 is the surface resistivity and surface resistance to ground checker with a range from 10e3 to 10e12 ohm/sq and insulative reading.

⦁ Ideal for measuring floor, chairs, work surface and others ESD controlled materials or products

⦁ 3 colors LED displayed to distinguish Conductive (green), Dissipative (yellow) and Inslulative (red) surface.

⦁ Dimension: 130mm x 65mm x 31mm

⦁ Weight: 20gm

⦁ Power supply: 9V battery

⦁ Calibration: recommend once in 12 months

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Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester

⦁  Strap must remain electrically safe for the users all the time, thus it is important to test every strap regularly.

⦁ Wrist strap tester is ideal for measures the resistance of a wrist strap

⦁ To check w/strap, make sure that the band is making good contact with your skin.

⦁ It's lightweight and can be easily mounted on walls at door entrances or production line.

⦁ Simple to operate and results indicated by red LED (Fail) & green (Pass).

⦁ Dimension: 100 x 65 x 25

⦁ Weight: 120gm

⦁ Power supply: 9V battery

⦁ Wrist strap measurement range: 750k-100Meg ohm

⦁By adding the stainless steel foot plate(14"x14"x2mm) this tester has the ability to measure footwear & heel strap.

⦁  Footware checker measurement range: 750k-100Meg ohm.

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Electrostatic Voltmeter (Trek) Model P0876A

⦁ Measurement Range: 0 to +2kV DC

⦁ Accuracy: Better than +5% of full scale over the recommended probe-to-surface separation of 15mm+10mm

⦁ Application - Measuring charge accumulation in LCD manufacturing processes, Measuring static charge in semiconductor production.

⦁ Accurately measure surface voltage over a wide range of probe-to-surface spacing

⦁ Monitors the voltage level of small areas to determine charge accumulation

⦁ DC stable for drift-free operation in ionized environments

⦁ Measure charge accumulation in difficult-to-reach locations

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NanoCoulomb Meter 284

⦁ Feature:

- Portable, Self-contained

- Battery-powered

- Easy to operate

- Large LCD display

- Two ranges

- Interchangeable cups

- Analog output

- Meets requirements of EIA-541 standard

- Point contact measurement of small areas

⦁ Specifications:

- Display: ½"x3½" digit LCDRange: 200nC-20nC Resolution: 0.1nC-0.01nC

- Optional: Range: Resolution:Ranges 200nC 0.1nCAvailable 20nC 0.001nC

- Accuracy: 2%

- Output: 0 to +2 volt analog

- Drift: 0,1pC/sec. Typical

- Battery: 9 volt Eveready #216 or equivalent NEDA #1604. Battery life over 400 hours

- Dimensions: 6"x3½'x21/8"(15cm x 9cm x 5.5cm)

- Weight: 8½ oz.(0.24kg) with battery

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Dual Bench Mount

⦁ Two banana jacks that enable two people to ground wrist strap simultaneously

⦁ Ten feet ground cord with ring terminals

⦁ Available in 1 mega ohm resistor

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Workstation Monitor Stat Watch

⦁ Stat-Watch Workstation Monitor has independent circuitry, designed to continously monitor the connections to early of the Wrist Strap and Work Surface.

⦁ ESD Work Surface

⦁ An audible and visual warning is given in case the Surface-to-Ground resistance exceeds the safe treshhold for worksurfaces

- Pass Threshold: 0.75Mohms

-10M ohms for Wrist Strap Under 10 M ohms for work surface

⦁ Indications:

- Pass - Green LED- Fail

- Flashing Red LED for Wrist Strap Steady Red LEF for MAT Audible Alarm for Fail modes

⦁ Power supply: 9V/100mA DC⦁ Dimensions: 80L x 50W x 25H MM

⦁ Weight: 75g approx

⦁ Calibration: Recommended every 12 months

⦁ Mounting: An MS powder coated bracket is provided for mounting the monitor conveniently under the table

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Static Charge Meter (Digital)

∙ It is to measure static voltage on objects & surfaces

∙ Specification: Auto Zero setting

∙ Measurement rage: 1”@0-20,000volts

∙ Accuracy: +/-10%

∙ Power: 9v battery

∙ Dimension: 60 x 120 x 33mm

∙ Weight: 125gm

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Testing & Measuring Probes

∙ The 65mm dia 2.5kg weight electrodes are designed to comply with IEC 61340-5-1/2 Technical report, EN100 015/1 European Standard and US Standards

∙ Used for point-to-point resistance, surface resistivity and resistance to ground measurement.

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